So I'm into some of the older games out there, and there are some that may be aged but are still goodies. No matter how amazing the series gets, I still think SSX 3 is the best in the series. There is just no other gaming experience like it! Don't get me wrong, I thought the other two were great but this one just pounds them into the ground. This may be the most addicting game I have ever played.

The snow effects are amazing and overall all of the effects are colorful. Not only is there such great scenery and an awesome music selection, but the best part in my opinion is all the cool characters. As you keep playing, you get to unlock some pretty awesome cheat characters.

We have characters everywhere, from Snowballs who is a snowman riding a sleigh, the North West Legend who is a yeti that uses his feet as his snowboard. Gutless who is a skeleton, Churchil who is some kind of robot machine, and my two personal favorites to play as: Cudmore the cow and Canhuck the beaver. Yes, you can bust moves on the slopes as a cow and beaver! 


Canhuck the Beaver
Cudmore The Cow

Cudmore after winning first place in an event

Overall, SSX 3 is one of the best and is a definite 10 out of 10! It just can't be beat!

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