Style Mile is Peak 2's slope style event. It consist of three heats. In SSX 3, Peak2 is tagged by Nate Logan or when playing as himself, it's Zoe Payne.

Style Mile


Target PracticeEdit

You can find this Big Challenge at the top of the Style Mile course. As the instructions say, you will have to hit all 5 of the moving targets as they pass you. This mission is beyond hints, as you must truly be skilled at timing the movements of objects to really master this Big Challenge. Luckily for you, chances are that you have played a Mario game in your life. There's no time limit, so be very patient with what you do, and stop, if necessary.

Time Challenge 2Edit

Once again, you will have to go up against the Time Challenge Big Challenge, and this time, it is in the snowy hills of Style Mile in the freestyle lands. Much like last time, you will want to drop everything and boost down the mountain, cutting corners of the track in the right direction when needed, and only performing tricks to gain boost. Try to avoid going in obscure paths, as they can definitely slow you down a lot.

Rail WizardryEdit

In this Big Challenge that is conveniently located down the Style Mile course (near the three curving grind rails), you must glide across all three of the grind rails without bailing or even touching the ground. To do this, grind on the first rail, and curve to adjust your board safely. Jump over to the next grind rail, and repeat for the third. You can perform this task repeatedly for an extra challenge.