Constructed for the sole purpose of showing off your style... it'll take a smart line to scoop bragging rights on this one.
— SSX (2000) & SSX Tricky Description

Pipedream is a track that is from the SSX series that made its debut in SSX (2000) and returned in the sequel, SSX Tricky. The course is recognized for its structure putting emphasis on giving the rider infinite chances to get enormous air and to receive massive amounts of points; the ultimate showoff course any rider is free to go on if they're feeling daring enough to concur the jump and rail littered course.

Unlock Requirement Edit

SSX (2000) Edit

In World Circuit - Showoff, earn at least a bronze medal in Tokyo Megaplex to unlock Pipedream for World Circuit - Showoff, Single Event - Showoff, and Freeride mode.

SSX Tricky Edit

Obtain at least a bronze medal in Alaska in World Circuit - Showoff to unlock Pipedream. Pipedream is available for play only in Single Event mode and Freeride mode.

Quotes Edit

SSX (2000) Edit

"It's totally sick! It's like a massive network of exposed plumbing. You're going to need all your tricks and tools to claim this ride." - Game Manual

SSX Tricky Edit

"Complete World Circuit - Showoff mode and you'll inherit eternal time in bowls and half-pipes." - Hints and Tips Loading Screen

"Pipedream - Defy the laws of physics." - Front End Voice

"Pipedream - Where show-offs go when they die." - Front End Voice

"Pipedream - I hope your board is waxed." - Front End Voice

"Almost completely redesigned by the twisted minds of ex-British boarders turned engineers, this maze of steel, Teflon, and snow-covered concrete, is the mecha of pipe and rail lovers worldwide. The possibilities are endless, and a good imagination will serve you well towards maxing out on the trick potential of Pipedream." - Narrator

"With brand new breakables, bullseyes, and a bottom rail section that will give even the most hardcore riders nightmares, what can be said about a snowboard course that is manmade on top of a skyscraper, and ladened with untold thousands of feet of steel pipe protruding from every surface and crevice? Only one thing... prepare yourself." - Narrator

Trivia Edit

  • Pipedream is the only track to have a location in England.
  • Compared to all the courses from the original SSX game to be revamped in SSX Tricky, Pipedream is the only track that has undergone the most differences in layout.
  • In SSX (2000), Pipedream was originally a revamped version of the warmup area (the starting gate bears the same resemblance).
    • However, in SSX tricky, this was changed to being an indoor snowboarding area with viewable windows in the background.
  • SSX (2000) - ambient pipedream background sound

    SSX (2000) - ambient pipedream background sound

    Behind the music that plays in SSX (2000)'s Pipedream is a loop of industrial ambiance; the sound of wind brushing across steel and pipes as they reverberate throughout the underground area.