Felix Lévesque
First appearance

SSX Blur

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Voice Actors N/A


Eye Color ?
Hair Color Blue
Nickname(s) ?

Skye Simms (SSX Blur)

Enemy(s) Elise Riggs (SSX Blur)


Felix Lévesque is a character from the SSX series. His debut game is SSX Blur. Felix is a fun-loving guy who has a weak-spot for the ladies. He likes to show-off, and does everything with an over-abundance of style and recklessness. He wears proudly the colors of the Quebec province, and carries with him the hopes of all French Canadians wishing to be recognized in the SSX Circuit.

SSX BlurEdit

A Montrealer new to the SSX Circuit, his father's business has allowed him to train on most of the highest mountains around the world. He's a world class competitor with a heart of gold, and a stomach full of poutine.

Quotes from DJ AtomikaEdit

  • Get this, last summer Felix was the fry guy in one his father's 300 Tasty Burger-rama's, being groomed as a fast-food heir. This year he's shredding more than potatoes on the SSX scene.
  • Felix explodes onto the SSX scene after racking up 3200 feet in vertical cliff drops last winter. This guy skis crazy lines in the backcountry most pro's would try to avoid.
  • SSX super fans wanting to get the skinny on newcomer Felix might be interested to know this international man of mystery has laid tracks out of bounds on world famous peaks all over the globe.
  • This big mountain skier and SSX rookie polished his credentials on Mount de Berville; a massive peak so remote and difficult to access, there is no easy route off the summit.
  • What's a city kid from Montreal doing making his debut on the SSX Circuit? A blowing it out. Up and comer Felix is already pushing the limits of competitive free-skiing.


  • Only character other than JP and Alex, that is from a French-speaking region.
  • One of four Canadian character, the other 3 being Maya, Elise, and Psymon.
  • His favorite food is Poutine.