Alexis Moreau is a character from the video game series SSX (Snowboard Supercross). Her debut game is SSX (2012).

Alexis Moreau

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SSX (2012)

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SSX (2012)

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The Chamonix Assassin


Elise Riggs (SSX (2012))


Moby Jones (SSX (2012))



SSX (2012)Edit


Alexis Moreau was born in the Chamonix, Mont Blanc of France in 1985 with the spirit of competition sewn into her DNA and coursing through her veins. Her grandfather Paul Moreau was a world-class skier who led the French National Ski team the first Winter Olympics in 1924 --- held in the family's own backyard of Chamonix. From a very early age, Alex embraced her lineage: she was in skiis when most children her age were still mastering the art of walking. By the time she'd entered grade school, the skiing trophies on her mantle outweighed the finger paintings on the family fridge. But when Alex entered high school she caused quite a stir within the Moreau family: she traded in her skis for a snowboard. Alex set her first snowboarding record on Chamonix just six months later. By the time she was sixteen she had set each and every record on Chamonix --- and most of the surrounding mountains. Alex knew she had found her calling. As she grew older Alex's stunning beauty and flair for fashion made her a much sought-after model, but she never forgot her roots, and defends her seven world records with a ferociousness that has earned her nickname "The Chamonix Assasin."


  • Nickname: The Chamonix Assassin
  • Height: 6'0
  • Weight: 140 lbs
  • Age: 26
  • Blood Type: A-
  • Nationality: French
  • Home Mountain: Mont Blanc


  • Likes: TBD
  • Dislikes: TBD
  • Motto: TBD
  • Music: TBD
  • Film: TBD
  • TV: TBD
  • Briefs: TBD
  • Visual Style: TBD



  • When she was revealed as a new character on Facebook, her name was Alex. Later it became Alexis.
  • She is currently the only European female in the entire series. And the only character other than JP to hail from France.
  • Her name is Alexis, but Alex is just for short.
  • Usually in France, the usual name for female people is Alexia and not Alexis, who is used for male people.