Alaska is an extremely fast track that will test each and every EXPERT rider's skills to their limits.
— SSX Tricky Description

Alaska is the last course of SSX Tricky world circuit, and perhaps one of the most difficult tracks in the game, albeit slightly under comparison with Untracked. It is also one of the only tracks in the game to only appear in SSX Tricky that is not from the first SSX (The second being Garibaldi, which is automatically unlocked at the beginning of the game).

Unlock Requirements Edit

Obtain at least a bronze medal in Aloha Ice Jam in World Circuit - Race/Showoff in order to unlock this course for Single Event, World Circuit, and Freeride mode.

Quotes Edit

"Alaska - Intense edge-of-your-board action." - Front End Voice

"Alaska - Extreme terrain of extreme proportions." - Front End Voice

"Alaska - The pinnacle of the SSX experience." - Front End Voice

"This new addition to the SSX World Circuit presents challenges at a whole new level. Alaska is an extremely fast and tight ride. Making it down the icy path is hard enough, finding and mastering Alaska's numerous shortcuts is even harder. Just remember to breathe." - Narrator

"The challenge: enormous, the rewards: battle scars and bragging rights; the track: Alaska, the newest member of the SSX circuit. Surviving the onslaught of obstacles and conditions on these slopes is a badge of courage that few can boast to wear." - Narrator

Trivia Edit

  • Judging from its name, Alaska is the only course to be both set and named after a real-life location.
  • Strangely, Alaska is the only track in SSX tricky to feature no background music playing during the course’s introduction. This is due to an error during production. The unused intro music can still be found in the games files.